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Artwork Guide

Welcome to the Premier Print Artwork guide. We strongly recommend that you have a read through before sending your artwork to print, just to make sure that your printed artwork comes out the way you want.

Artwork Image Scaling

Please ensure that your artwork is correctly proportioned in regards to the size you wish to print. If we receive a file that is oddly sized or in the wrong proportion, it will be left to us to scale the artwork to fit the print size you have ordered. If you are worried your file is not correctly proportioned or you wish it to be scaled in a specific way please drop us an email at

Best File Type for Print

The best file type for printing in high quality is PDF with all fonts converted to curves/lines. We also accept JPEG and PNG, but typically print quality will not be as high with these formats. 

CMYK and RGB Printing

Our printers use CMYK format, but will accept RGB profiles. However, be aware that the intensity and shade of colours may change during conversion from RGB to CMYK.

Printing Resolution

Most photographs and pixel-based images only need a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) to look great on your computer screen, but to make sure you maintain that high resolution in printing the file must be between 200 – 300dpi. If you fail to supply this your printed image may look either pixelated or blurred.

Maximum File Size Upload

The artwork file you upload should not exceed 80MB per file. If you try it make look like it has uploaded, but we will not receive it. Please save or compress the file to a file size under 80MB and try again.

Proofs before Printing

We do not supply proofs before printing because all artwork you upload must be print ready, meaning you have checked it is the correct file, has no mistakes, etc.


Out Terms and Conditions

1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your artwork meets the criteria of our Artwork guide and the print request you require.

2, We can not ensure that your artwork will print at high quality if you provide us with a JPEG or PNG instead of a PDF.

3, We carry out no pre-flight or quality checks before printing your artwork as we will assume that checks have been carried out by yourself ahead of submitting the image file. 

4, It is your responsibility to make sure that the files you have supplied adhere our Artwork Guide above.

5, We reserve the right to keep printed copies of artwork you have uploaded for display and marketing purposes.

6, Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions after reading our Artwork Guide feel free to email us at: